The last downloadable version was 3.4 , why it's suddenly 3.8?

A few Versions were test builds for a few friends and with problems, so I made multiple.


-Few Bug Fixes

-New Levels for new Gymmick

-The way Text is displayed changed

-Save/Load fixed for music

-Few Levels changed

Level Editor Controls:

Up,Down,Left,Right - Spawn Spike with the direction you pressed it with, if that ,makes sense;
1 = Spawn Robot;
2 = Spawn Cube;
3 = Spawn Flappy;
4 = Place the Red Deadly blocks;
R = Clear everything (aka. restart level, lol);
Middle Mouse Button = Place Block;

The 3 Tapes under the "Return/Back to Menu", left clicking one saves the current stuff in the editor, rightclicking them loads it, you have 3 saves to work with atm.;
that should be it...

Good Levels created with the Beta Level Editor might be used for future levels :D

Just make screenshots of the Levels and link them in the comments or somewhere.


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Aug 19, 2017

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